Swastik Foundation
was not enough, we have to work
on the way to accomplish the dreams.
Swastik Foundation
Organized the Health Camp,
School Initiative, Old Age Home

About Us

While living in the society, man realizes his duties towards the society. Women, children, widow, senior citizens, despised people are altogether a part of our society. While being in service, it is not always possible to show keen interest towards it. An individual is always trying to do good towards others to his extent. It is not always possible to justify to all the needs and wants of the society. He tries to cater whatever is possible on his own behalf. This work to develop the society not only requires proper way but also well proposed directions to walk the desired way and reach the goal. The neglected factors of our own society need to be brought under a single roof. But How? This question has always been popping-up the mind. We educated ourselves in this social work field. That is how we got proper guidance and found our way towards Swastik Foundation.


Being a child from middleclass family, it is told that you need to have qualified education to get a good job, and a good job to look after your family. But What about the problems faced by the other part of the society? What can I do as an individual to develop those despised people? This thought was always pricking the mind. It was such a feeling that our own fellowmen are getting ignored in this run. World is changing, so are we. People are giving their best to change themselves, rather upgrade with the changing flow. There are communities which are not able to or at times it is not possible for them to accept the changes, we all realize this but hardly few give them helping hand. This was the prime reason which turned us towards the education in this field. Let all of us flow with the change, taking along this despised community. Let us bring them under a roof and solve their problems and make them a good person. Our country will surely develop when we develop the unprivileged people. This is our thought. It's quite easier to think, implementing the thoughts is not so easier. Everything needs a start point and for us, this start point is Swastik Foundation. This is how Swastik Foundation came into existence and got registered on June 16, 2016.


Establishing Swastik Foundation was not enough, we have to work on the way to accomplish the dreams. It should not remain just a dream. We started organizing Health Camps for despised and unprivileged communities. In a metropolitan city like Mumbai, there are people from tribal community living in Khadakpada, Aarey Colony. Their basic medical needs are hardly met. They suffer from monsoon prone diseases. Our first Health Camp was organized in Khadakpada, Aarey Colony, Goregaon. While organizing health camp, we decided to conduct an Eye Checkup Camp in Sawalagaon, Karjat. Here the people do not gave importance to eye sight as they give to other body functioning. Explaining them the importance of their eye sight was a task indeed. In the checkup we came across 20 people having cataract. With the support of Lotus Eye Care Hospital (Juhu) some of them have undergone operation, while some of them have to be operated due to lack of funds and their health problems as well.


Till how long organizing these small camps would work in reaching our goals? We concluded on having a home for the homeless and unprivileged. Getting a place for this in Mumbai is difficult. It had to be setup in rural area. One person readily agreed to give his plain plot of land in Nandgaon, Kolshej on rental basis at a minimal rate of rent. Construction of the building structure has high cost expenditure. Meeting these huge expenses is biggest question yet. We are educating the local residents there about the work we are doing and we wish to do. Their support will play a vital role for Swastik Foundation. As it is said, the best way to reach a person's heart passes through his stomach; we are reaching people through their children. We are creating awareness in schools about cleanliness and healthcare. They face dental problems so we distributed toothbrushes in Schools. It is the medium through which we are reaching their families. Checking the Blood Groups of Secondary School children is necessary; no importance is given to it. Swastik foundation is arranging blood checkup camps for average of 50 children.


Swastik Foundation has decided to have a home having 40 beds for the people above 45 yrs of age excluding people kept away from their home by children and addicted to evil practices. It will not only be shelter to live but also a home where they can spend rest of their happily where they do not feel helpless. We do not believe in ashram system, but there is need for it in current scenario. As far as possible we require their cooperation to lead them happy and satisfied life.